Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Novena

Later, he also told us how to get a demon to reveal its name so we can effectively bind it.  He recommended  praying an Our Lady of Seven Sorrows NOVENA, because, as Simeon told her in the Gospel of Luke: “And Thy own Soul a sword shall pierce, that out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed.” Continue Reading

Keeping a Mary Spirit Throughout a Martha Day

Desire, Rule of Life, Attachments, Goal of Love, Ora Et Labora, Morning Offering
“We have one goal…to love God”… “Don’t work for food that perishes”…”Make the time.”…”How long would desire have kept Mary there?” “Getting rid of distractions…” “Recollection is key…” “Cutting out the “good”…” Continue Reading

Praying the Psalms

Like a deer years for running water

HOW DID YOU PRAY TODAY? One of the classical definitions of prayer suggests that “prayer is lifting mind and heart to God”. Our problem is that we don’t always do this when we pray. Rather than lifting up to God… Continue Reading