Keeping a Mary Spirit Throughout a Martha Day

Keeping a Mary Spirit Throughout a Martha Day – 5 CD set Gleaned from 19 years as a Third Order Carmelite, this is a 3- Day retreat led by Donna at the Palisades Retreat Center in Federal Way, WA. This 5 disc set will help to explode your prayer life. The topics covered are: Disc 1: Desire, Rule of Life, Attachments, Goal of Love, Ora Et Labora, Morning Offering Disc 2: Bonus – A Vision of Heaven Disc 3: Method, Purity of Intention, Meditation, Liturgy of the Hours, Resolutions, Perseverance, Examination of Conscience Disc 4: Neglect of Prayer, Mass, Suffering, Temptations,… Continue Reading

A Blessing with St Pio’s Glove

When I went to Medjugorie last month, we made a side trip to San Giovanni Rotundo. One of the ladies I was travelling with knew how to get a blessing with St Pio’s glove. She had made an appointment EARLY in the morning of the day we were to leave. Initially, since I was driving the car, I was just going to drop her off and wait while she ran in to receive her blessing since parking is a nightmare and we were in a hurry. Also, his glove had come me TWICE already in the two months prior to… Continue Reading

Prayer, by reason of its nature

Prayer, by reason of its nature, is the converse and union of man with God, and by reason of its action upholds the world and brings about reconciliation with God; it is…   a bridge over temptations, a wall against afflictions, a crushing of conflicts, future gladness, boundless activity, the source of graces, invisible progress, food of the soul, the enlightening of the mind, an axe for despair, the annulling of sorrow, the reduction of anger, the mirror of progress, the realization of success, a proof of one’s spiritual condition, a revelation of the future, a sign of glory.  … Continue Reading

People to Pray for Your Intentions

Below are links to sites where you can request prayers from groups of clergy, religious and laity for your intentions. What you can do is draft one simple request, then copy and paste/post it to as many of these sites as you like. Whole groups of Christians praying for you constitutes the Church herself praying for you; what could be more powerful (except the euCHaRIST, of course)? _____________________ “And the prayer of faith shall save the sick man: and the Lord shall raise him up: and if he be in sins, they shall be forgiven him.Confess therefore your sins one… Continue Reading

Epiphany – The Feast of God’s Challenge

Epiphany: The Feast of God’s Challenge In John Paul II’s homily of January 6, 1979, he referred to Epiphany as the feast of God’s challenge. It was such an intriguing way to refer to this day that I thought I would share with you what he said… “Those who have already reached the faith and those who are on the path to finding it share alike in this feast. They participate, giving thanks for the gift of faith, as did the Kings who, filled with gratitude, knelt before the Chil…d. The Church, more aware each year of the vastness of… Continue Reading

First Sunday of Advent Hymn Meditation

“Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel. That mourns in lowly exile here until the Son of God appear…” This Advent hymn truly captures, with both words and its fittingly wandering tune, the sense of longing that is at the root of the season. After centuries of waiting, the people of God are about to experience a miracle and have their lives changed, irrevocably and forever. We don’t see waiting as positive, do we? When we wait in line at a shop, when we wait for someone to come visit, when we wait for a paycheck to arrive—all… Continue Reading


St. Teresa of Avila

My favorite saint, St. Teresa of Avila, doctor of the church, 1515-1582 has her feast day today, Oct. 15. Charming, witty, determined, candid, outspoken, passionate (sounds like a New Yorker, no wonder I feel an affinity toward her), she experienced mystical visions and miraculous events, but she also talked with God in an almost conversational tone, frankly speaking her mind on everything. Her “Bookmark” is one of the most famous prayers written EVER. We don’t even know for SURE if she is the one who wrote it, but we DO know that it was found written on a bookmark that… Continue Reading


St. Therese’s Song

My second favorite saint (my most favorite is also this month), St. Therese of Lisioux, doctor of the church, 1873-1897 has her feast day, Oct. 1. She became a saint not by performing great miracles but by doing little things with great love – putting up with frustrating companions, obeying superiors, finishing the laundry. So ordinary did she appear, some of the sisters in her convent were completely unaware of her remarkable prayer life until after her death. Some even thought she wasn’t special at all. She wrote this prayer: My life is an instant, a fleeting hour. My life… Continue Reading


Calcutta Vegetarian Meal for Mother Teresa’s Poor

I know it’s not Lent, but it IS Friday after celebrating the glorious canonization of the great “Saint of the Gutters”, Mother Teresa. Consider making this typical dinner with which she used to feed the poorest of the poor in Calcutta/Kolkata. It actually looks pretty good and I bet my kids will even eat it. BONUS: The spice turmeric is even a POWERHOUSE for fighting cancer. God is so good! Donna ______________________________________________ Here’s a suggested menu, and the simple recipe for the cooked main dish. (I understand that at one stage the nuns of the Missionaries of Charity were… Continue Reading


All Creatures Bless the Lord – Praying Parrot

Daniel 3:57-88 The “All Creatures Bless the Lord” song from the book of Daniel makes the rounds of everything in nature blessing the Lord, including a line that says, “All you birds of the air, O bless the Lord.” This parrot, Charlie O even ends his night prayer with a song, and I just LOVE the ending! Made me laugh out loud! Keep praying. Keep singing. Charlie O does. Donna