St. Teresa of Avila

My favorite saint, St. Teresa of Avila, doctor of the church, 1515-1582 has her feast day today, Oct. 15. Charming, witty, determined, candid, outspoken, passionate (sounds like a New Yorker, no wonder I feel an affinity toward her), she experienced mystical visions and miraculous events, but she also talked with God in an almost conversational tone, frankly speaking her mind on everything. Her “Bookmark” is one of the most famous prayers written EVER. We don’t even know for SURE if she is the one who wrote it, but we DO know that it was found written on a bookmark that… Continue Reading


St. Therese’s Song

My second favorite saint (my most favorite is also this month), St. Therese of Lisioux, doctor of the church, 1873-1897 has her feast day, Oct. 1. She became a saint not by performing great miracles but by doing little things with great love – putting up with frustrating companions, obeying superiors, finishing the laundry. So ordinary did she appear, some of the sisters in her convent were completely unaware of her remarkable prayer life until after her death. Some even thought she wasn’t special at all. She wrote this prayer: My life is an instant, a fleeting hour. My life… Continue Reading