A Blessing with St Pio’s Glove

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A Blessing with St Pio’s glove

When I went to Medjugorie last month, we made a side trip to San Giovanni Rotundo.¬†One of the ladies I was travelling with knew how to get a blessing with St Pio’s glove. She had made an appointment EARLY in the morning of the day we were to leave. Initially, since I was driving the car, I was just going to drop her off and wait while she ran in to receive her blessing since parking is a nightmare and we were in a hurry. Also, his glove had come me TWICE already in the two months prior to this trip, so I didn’t think it was necessary, even though I had not officially received a blessing with it. Then, quite last minute, I thought better of it, parked a few blocks away and went in with her. What a treat.