A Custom Name Lullaby Song for Your Child

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Hear samples of custom lullabies

I will write and sing a custom lullaby song with the name of your choice for your child or grandchild. Enjoy your own custom lullaby, sung in a simple manner as you might hear your mother or father sing in the stillness of a quiet room.  No reverb, no effects, just very simple and natural, similar to the sound of my “Blessing Prayer” (click to hear) or the room sound of the samples I sing in this video description.

Sing it to your baby while still in utero.  Your baby knows and loves YOUR voice, good or bad.  Then continue after birth, and forever as a special bonding moment.  I still sing to my children before bed, after prayers, on the phone, after boo-boos for comfort or time away from each other.
My teenage daughter still loves to hear me sing her own special song.  She even likes to sing along with me.

A Few Custom Lullaby Song Samples

My 11 yr. old son sings along too…
“Eli, my little…(and he says “guy”) …He’s so tough and not too… (he says “shy”)… etc.

Send me your child’s name, (order here), PRONUNCIATION, if unusual, and any important words or ideas you would might like it to include.  You can even send the meaning of the name as you know it, if you’d like me to include that in it as well.

For instance, for my 5th child, Benjamin, I included the meaning of the name right in the beginning…
“Ben, Ben, Benjamin…. The son of my right hand…  He’s ….” etc.

This is NOT a prerecorded song into which I will just insert your child’s name.  No!  I will create a song from scratch, personalized just for you!! 

Click here to order your custom name lullaby song and for more info.

Other Children’s Songs

BTW, children also love the songs on my Prayers From Heaven CD, particularly the “Guardian Angel” and “Fatima” prayer, and the “Canticle of Zechariah” on my “Our Catholic Faith” CD.

What others have said…

e get our 8 year old grandaughter for over night more with school out. So I have your CD playing every time we are in the car. She has learned so much from your prayers and music. She sings along and at bedtime she sings her prayers cause it is two prayers instead of one. We have to say it is the most amazing gift to hear a child sing prayers. And such a joy in our hearts to hear her sing along with you. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and the good news of our Lord. Thank you Thank you.” – K. Carl

THANK YOU for your support.
Keep praying.  Keep singing.

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