Beginning the Spiritual Life

Tell Your Friends

We are created by God and destined to share the life of love that flows between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But we don’t have to wait for death to find it, to live it.  Jesus said the Kingdom of God is HERE.  This present life is all about the eternal.  Even St. John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church tells us that union with God is possible here and now. He even describes what this experience can be: “The soul has become God through participation in God” (Living Flame of Love 2:34). The happiness of this divine intimacy is a gift that God already has offered us. Why do we deprive ourselves of this gift?

How do we go about achieving this “spiritual marriage”, this union of our will with the Lord’s.  How do we become HOLY?   If we make little progress in our journey toward holiness it’s because we really don’t let the Lord act in our lives.

We spend so much time experiencing life on the exterior level.  We need to close our eyes to experience our “Father who sees in secret” and works secretly in the depths of our hearts.  Only faith discerns this secret inner presence.   Let’s pay attention before all else to our interior life for prayer, fasting, and service. Center everything originating from our heart, from our deepest intentions.

Maybe we could choose to do less.  Whatever you do, do it with profound, determined commitment, leaving  behind a comfortable, easy, spirituality.

As I share in my retreats, St. John tells us that the important thing is to have GREAT DESIRES, “urgent longings” he calls them, and to be inflamed and wounded with love for the Lord. It’s only from this powerful love that we will draw the “courage and constancy to readily deny all other appetites” (Ascent 1.14.2)  and not lose our direction as we go. The most important thing is this movement of love that takes us out of ourselves, during our dryness, for a fabulous adventure with Christ.

Let’s ask for the grace that the Holy Spirit may come to renew our hearts and awaken the love of God in us. Only this powerful love and desire for God can give us the impetus to set out on our journey and begin a truly spiritual life.

Keep praying, keep singing,