A Custom Name Lullaby Song for Your Child

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Hear samples of custom lullabies I will write and sing a custom lullaby song with the name of your choice for your child or grandchild. Enjoy your own custom lullaby, sung in a simple manner as you might hear your mother or father sing in the stillness of a quiet room.  No reverb, no effects, just very simple and natural, similar to the sound of my “Blessing Prayer” (click to hear) or the room sound of the samples I sing in this video description. Sing it to your baby while still in utero.  Your baby knows and loves YOUR voice, good or… Continue Reading

The Tradition of Praying the Psalms

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For centuries the psalms have been a used to help souls request help from God.  They’ve been used to thank Him, praise Him, and to seek forgiveness.  Jesus Himself used one of the psalms when He called to his heavenly Father from the cross. (Matt 27:46).  The Church uses them everyday during the liturgy of the Mass and for the bulk of the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office). Meditating on the psalms can give us strength and fortitude when we are faced with the obstacles that meet us in our walk through this hostile world.    We can find… Continue Reading

Keeping a Mary Spirit Throughout a Martha Day

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Keeping a Mary Spirit Throughout a Martha Day – 5 CD set Gleaned from 19 years as a Third Order Carmelite, this is a 3- Day retreat led by Donna at the Palisades Retreat Center in Federal Way, WA. This 5 disc set will help to explode your prayer life. The topics covered are: Disc 1: Desire, Rule of Life, Attachments, Goal of Love, Ora Et Labora, Morning Offering Disc 2: Bonus – A Vision of Heaven Disc 3: Method, Purity of Intention, Meditation, Liturgy of the Hours, Resolutions, Perseverance, Examination of Conscience Disc 4: Neglect of Prayer, Mass, Suffering, Temptations,… Continue Reading



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Contemplate!  We were meant to discover beauty and love. Spend time meditating on how our Great God made himself so little by coming to this earth.  The CD ” A Traditional Christmas” will lead you in contemplating the mystery of the Incarnation.  Get it for FREE, when you purchase any of my CDs.  Order from www.donnacorigibson.com/CatholicMusic.html. Select your CD, also put a Christmas CD in your cart, and enter coupon “freeChristmas” at checkout. Get free music downloads and listen to all songs there as well. Keep praying. Keep singing. Donna