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If you look at my concert schedule you will see that I have been giving live (in person!) concerts again. They are few, but they have been happening (I’m so thrilled with that) AND they have been going GREAT!

There are plenty of people who still love to practice their faith, go to Mass, and attend spiritual concerts, even while social distancing. These are the kind of people who would be interested in my concerts anyway, so attendance at them, I am pleased to say, has been GOOD and not terribly affected, definitely worth my time and that of everyone else who attends.

Merchandise tables are arrayed differently, allowing for lots of space, but basically, it’s the same as at any other check-out in the mall or department store, so why not invite people back to church for an edifying time of spiritual enrichment and a chance to encounter God’s amazing grace?

(watch PROMO of Stations of the Cross concert)
Lent is coming and if you are at all familiar with my Our Catholic Faith concerts or sung, (see 1st station here) you know one would be an encouraging experience for your parish, something we could do for them that would be TRULY helpful in these times. People need to come closer to Jesus, to FEEL his love and be strengthened for the rest of the journey.

Please contact me directly by replying to this email if you would like to even just discuss the possibility of your parish hosting a concert or if you’d like to ply me with questions or concerns about one and “together we can do something beautiful for Christ.” – St.Teresa of Calcutta.

PLEASE help spread the word about his Catholic Music and forward this to as many people as you can. THANKS!!

Keep praying, keep singing.

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