Epiphany – The Feast of God’s Challenge

Epiphany: The Feast of God’s Challenge

In John Paul II’s homily of January 6, 1979, he referred to Epiphany as the feast of God’s challenge. It was such an intriguing way to refer to this day that I thought I would share with you what he said…

“Those who have already reached the faith and those who are on the path to finding it share alike in this feast. They participate, giving thanks for the gift of faith, as did the Kings who, filled with gratitude, knelt before the Child. The Church, more aware each year of the vastness of her mission, participates in the feast. How many people there are still who have to be brought to the faith! How many have to be brought back to the faith they have lost! This at times is more difficult than the first conversion to the faith. The Church, however, aware of the great gift of the Incarnation of God, cannot pause, can never stop. She has to seek continually the way to Bethlehem for all men and for all times. Epiphany is the feast of God’s challenge.”

Are we up to the challenge?

Here a some ways to bring our family, friends and co-workers closer to Jesus:

Lend a spiritual book with sound doctrine
encourage them with words, actions and smiles to embrace the Faith
enlighten them to the need of ongoing spiritual formation

These may be hard suggestions and force us out of our comfort zone, but that’s why the Pope calls it a CHALLENGE! Let us ask the three wise men to show us the way to Jesus so we can bring Him our own gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Sometimes music is a gentle way to underline a Christian doctrine. I try to illustrate points of our Faith in my songs. You may find these helpful and they can be seen at the bottom of my YouTube page,https://www.youtube.com/user/DonnaCoriGibson/videos… :
– Video on Jesus’ True Presence in the Eucharist, scripture and then song
– Video on why we pray to Mary – scriptures and then song
– Song for souls in purgatory
– Apologetics for 6 Catholic topics, including the above, and on purgatory, praying to saints, Mass and authority of the Pope, can be heard on my webpage for the Our Catholic Faith CD

which also has all the above mentioned songs and many more. 21 tracks total.
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“I can’t do what you can do and you can’t do what I can do, but together we can do something beautiful for Christ.” – Saint Theresa of Calcutta

Keep praying. Keep singing.
God bless you,