Seven Daily Habits of Sanctity

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Seven Daily Habits of Sanctity

It is the work of a life-time and requires our determined effort and cooperation with God’s Sanctifying Grace through the Sacraments. If we are to have robust Spiritual health, we must develop these SEVEN DAILY HABITS:

The Morning Offering
Spiritual Reading
The Rosary
Holy Communion
Mental Prayer
The Angelus
Daily examination of Conscience

I know you know these already, but sometimes we really need a strong reminder to kick start them again. These seven habits must take priority in our lives for they are more important than meals, sleep, work or recreation.

The Church is mortally wounded in this country. Friends, don’t put it off. Don’t count on others to do it for you. Our time may very well be short. Archbishop Sheen used to say that, before the hand of God comes down upon the world, it always comes down upon the Church.

Keep praying. Keep singing.

Lift Up Your Heart to the Lord

Lift Up Your Heart to the Lord

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  1. Hello Donna, I so enjoy your music. Also, Yes I do some of these seven practices. I try to do at least one Rosary every day, and try to do a morning offering. I have a pray meeting at my home once a week. I know I fall short of the Glory of our lord in that, there are days that I don’t do anything at all. Anyway, Donna Thank you so very much for your ministry. I am going to try and get a couple of your cd’s to give to my relatives.

    God Bless you Donna!

    Donna Ellis Needleman

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