St. Therese’s Song

Therese of LisiouxMy second favorite saint (my most favorite is also this month), St. Therese of Lisioux, doctor of the church, 1873-1897 has her feast day, Oct. 1.
She became a saint not by performing great miracles but by doing little things with great love – putting up with frustrating companions, obeying superiors, finishing the laundry. So ordinary did she appear, some of the sisters in her convent were completely unaware of her remarkable prayer life until after her death. Some even thought she wasn’t special at all.
She wrote this prayer:

My life is an instant,

a fleeting hour.

My life is a moment,

which swiftly escapes me.

O my God, you know that

on earth I have only today

to love you.

O my divine Master! I cried from the bottom of my heart, is it Your justice alone that will receive victims of holocausts? Has not also Your merciful love need of them? Everywhere it is misunderstood, rejected… The hearts upon which You long so generously to bestow it, turn aside to creatures and, for the miserable pleasure of an instant, ask happiness from them, instead of throwing themselves into Your arms and accepting the sweet torrent of Your infinite love.

She was also devoted to the Holy Face of Jesus. She once said, “Your face is the only fatherland for me.”

If you ever wondered, this is the exact prayer where I got the words to the song “Only Today” (chorus and 2nd verse) that I sing on the “Prayers of the Great Saints” CD. Track 8.

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