My “Pushy” Jewish Mother in Heaven

Jewish Blessed Mother Mary

Though I am primarily of Italian descent (1/4 Greek), I, like the rest of you, have a Jewish mother in heaven.  Her name is Mary.

Why would I call Jesus’ mother and Our Lady “pushy”?  How could I be so bold?  Well, that’s a good story and tells of how this whole apostolate, Golden Arrow Music, ever got off the ground.

When Mary told the waiters in John 2:5 to “Do whatever He tells you” it was probably with a  knowing wink and a nod in her heart to Jesus, confident that he “wouldn’t “let her down.”  Mothers, by nature, are always encouraging their children to do things they wouldn’t have thought to do on their own – and do it FASTER.

My story is no different.

I was single and living in NJ making an hour commute to a NYC studio to do some secular recording.  I always prayed the rosary on a long commute, but this time I thought, for fun, I’d try singing the Hail Mary’s.  I had all this time… After about 15 min. I had the thought, “O, I bet Our Lady is really enjoying this” – singing is praying twice, after all.

Well, I never sang it or even thought of it again.  A few years after being married at the encouragement of my husband, I “recorded something to God” as he suggested (the CD “Prayers From Heaven and to Heaven”) thinking of what other prayers I could sing, I naturally though of the rosary but quickly dismissed it for many good reasons (VERY good, I will add).  One, my Irish husband had turned out to be anti-Catholic and very anti-Mary and I was forbidden to pray the rosary or have my Mary statue.  He threw the one my father gave me over the balcony and into a half acre of overgrown raspberry bushes.  I was never able to find it (but I have NEVER stopped praying the rosary).  This was 20 years ago.  I believe the angels carried it away.  I share this to accentuate the situation – not to slander my husband, who now prays a family rosary with us.  Also, singing the rosary made it SO long.  Who would even be interested in it?

Well, as I was promoting the “Prayers” CD to bookstores, I came to the attention of a big Marian conference coordinator in PA.  He asked if I could sing the rosary because Dana, the Irish singer was scheduled to present, but was unable to make it.  I was always trained as a professional musician to always say “yes” and then figure it out later.

I demoed a simple recording of it quickly at home.  He liked it and asked me to sing it at the conference.  He flew me out, I sang, and had a page of 75 names of people who wanted a copy.  Now, I HAD to record the rosary.  My husband, always having a mind for business and appreciating the income, never objected.

Hence, my 2nd CD was born, “Our Lady’s Musical Rosary”, a whopping 3 CD set (now 4) and I can thank my “pushy” Jewish mother for “twisting my arm” to do something I had decided was NEVER going to be done.  It is a major selling CD of my collection and has funded all the others that have come after it and brought success to the first (which included “Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue” listen here, track #7.)

This song is so popular, I’ve been repeatedly requested to include it on my upcoming CD in honor of our Mother, “Sing of Mary”, due to be released this Oct.  To help finish funding the recording of this CD (because I use live musicians now) please consider making a donation in exchange for some special gifts mentioned here.

Please tell me your “pushy Jewish mother” story.  I know you have one.  Just hit “reply”.  I have more, but this one is good for now.

God is good – all the time.
God bless you.

Keep praying.  Keep singing.
Listen to clips to all songs.

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  1. TALK ABOUT PUSHY!!!!! After singing the “Ave Maria” in Italian a year ago, all the money I earn singing has to go to her CD . . . maybe she is part Italian too . . .LOLOLOL!!!!

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