The Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Precious Blood and a Fire at Our House

This Catholic musician was sitting with her family at Mass on Easter Sunday like so many of you.  I was so taken up with the beauty of the Liturgy, the words, the music, the awesomeness and intimacy of God, that I started to pray in a new way that was described to me the night before when my husband and I watched the 2006 documentary, “The Secret” and then Christianized it.  I had also been told to pray this way only one other time by a Catholic healing ministry called St. Raphael’s Ministry of Half Moon Bay, CA when I sang at their conferences several years ago.  It’s VISUALIZATION.  I combined it with what I learned last summer when I sang at a Columbus, OH Marian Conference and met a bonifide exorcist, Fr. Chad Ripperger and other Latin rite priests well versed in battling demons.  This was to plead in the name and power of the precious Blood of Jesus.  (There’s nothing new here – that’s what we do in the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.)

Well, here I am in church, absorbed in the eternal offering of Jesus and IMAGINING His Precious Blood pouring over everything.  It flowed through the Church from the heavens and over my teenager and in her ears, mouth, nose, eyes, filling her up throughout and on the inside (if you’ve ever had a teen, you can relate to why I might be led to do this.)  I imagined the same for my troubled sister, for everyone in my family – all in visualization – being healed, protected, and drawn to God.

I visualized the blessing and protection of the Blood pouring over our house, possessions, cars, rental properties, tenants, their spiritual needs, our finances, projects, and all my listeners (that’s YOU!!).  I must tell you, I was quite absorbed in this prayer.

Well, when we got home, my husband checked his messages to see that he had a call from his one smoking tenant, who was so apologetic.  He didn’t quite put his cigarette out completely when he was outside smoking.  He went in to take a shower.  the other 2 tenants in other units were sleeping!  A fourth tenant was out and about and “something told him” he better go home first before going to his next destination.  He saw the fire from the highway overpass (it was on the third floor and sending up billows of smoke.  He went to his own unit and got a fire extinguisher and put the whole ting out.  The outside wall, window, and overhand were black.  the fire had already started burning in the attic.  In another 10 minutes, the entire house would have been in flames.  The fire department had come and ripped the outside wall off, in case there was still smoldering.  We were told this all happened the same time we were at Mass, the same time I was visualizing the precious Blood over 50 different subjects and objects in detail.

– and THIS is the immediate answer from just ONE thing I could SEE!!  I can ony imagine what God has already accomplished in my teenager and sister that I cannot YET see.  God is at the ready and yearning to be asked so power can go out of Him.  He is DYING to bless us.  Just ASK!  ASK everything.  ASK unceasingly.

Plead the Precious Blood of Jesus.  Pray His Chaplet like He asked.  He has good reasons for it.  Listen to it here or watch my video of it here.  My CD “Divine Mercy Prayers” is set up to pop in exactly at 3:00 pm and starts with the prayer Jesus specifically asked to be prayed at 3:00, the hour of our redemption, and all the rest of the prayers in order.  He said that wherever you are to “immerse yourself in His passion.”

Sung Prayer

Catholic Music and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

This is VISUALIZATION.  Be there.  This is also how we meditate which leads to contemplation.  This is how the saints prayed.  I am just beginning to understand how to get myself in the right place to be ready and available, to allow the Lord the right opportunity in His time, to “catch me up” in contemplation.  I’m not there yet, but I’ve been praying that someday I will be there.  Why shouldn’t I expect it, if I ask?  Why shouldn’t YOU?

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Keep praying.  Keep singing,



  1. Divine mercy acting in my soul. There are so many gcears. I find myself praying it many times in the day and night. It is a good way for preparation for sacraments confession and holy communion as well for in thanks giving for them as well. I do feel spiritually rejuvenated and find consolation in God’s divine mercy and love. I still struggle with temptations and distractions but this shows me just how merciful the Lord is to accept me as where I am at and yet bestow gcears upon my soul and my family and on the whole world. This prayer is a universal prayer for we all seek merciful and to be merciful because we have received mercy. This is the recipricosity of God’s Mercy and Love. A great friend now deceased taught me that introducing me to Divine Mercy which in times of struggle and suffering has been a strong hold. Lord God Holy Trinity have mercy on us and on the whole world.

  2. I truly delight in reviewing your post The Divine Mercy Chaplet,
    the Precious Blood and a Fire at Our House | Catholic Saints and Prayers.

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