Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Novena to Reveal Demon Name

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

Oh, WOW! I had never experienced ANYthing like it before. Fr. Chad told us to ask for the name of the demon bothering our IMMEDIATE family member.  In order to do this, he recommended praying a novena to Our Lady of Seven Sorrows for her to “reveal” it to us.  In this way, we would know the EXACT name so we could bind it and cast it out.  However, he never said exaclty HOW this name would be revealed.  Not knowing what to expect, I gave it a try.  Although, I wasn’t prepared, still, I wasn’t scared when it happened either AND the person didn’t remember even a little bit of it in the morning. Truly remarkable. Here’s my story…

In the middle of the night two days after completing the novena several years ago, my husband was awakened by a movement I made.  Surprisingly, he jumped out of bed, turned on the bedroom light and turned on the bathroom light.  He then started pacing and shouting VERY loudly how he was not allowed to sleep and how unfortunate he was. He threw the pillows and blankets off the bed, complaining over and over how it was “just so sad.” Finally, he ended his rant in a slump on the bed with his head hanging down and “whining”, almost “crying,” how it was “just SO sad. It’s just SO sad.” Then he rolled over and went to sleep.

I asked him about it the next evening and he had no idea what I was talking about.   He didn’t remember a thing.

A Demon Called “Sadness”

I didn’t even know there was a demon called “sadness.” I knew of depression, sorrow and despair and didn’t really think there was that much difference between them. However, using the EXACT word turns out to be THAT important. The demon of “sadness” is actually mentioned twice in Fr. Chad’s book, “Deliverance Prayers – for Use by the Laity” which I highly recommend. It appears on page 30 and again in a list on page 107. Who knew?

Then, on the bottom of page 19, Fr. Chad gives the EXACT words of the binding prayer to cast out the specific demon revealed through praying the Our Lady of Seven Sorrows novena. WHAT – A – DIFFERENCE, a LIFE-CHANGING difference.

Also, since demons can be generational, I have noticed the same spirit manifesting in one of my sons. When I bind the demon, since now I know its name, I notice a marked improvement in his attitude and expressions, which lasts quite a while, months to years.

An Answer to YOUR Prayer…

Perhaps you have received an answer to some of the intentions you prayed for during an Our Lady of Seven Sorrows novena. Maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as the answer I received. Still, I invite you to share with me your story, if you like. Answers to someone’s prayers are a blessing for others as well. They are a witness to God’s providence and love and can be a source of encouragement and faith building for many.

Keep Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Company

I hope you will keep a devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows throughout the year even if it’s just to keep her company in her sorrow, by calling her to mind and maybe even inserting her title “Our Lady of Seven Sorrows” into some of your Hail Marys.

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Thanks again for praying with me this most powerful novena.

God bless you,
Keep praying. Keep singing.

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