Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Novena

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

There is power in praying an Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Novena as relayed by Fr. Chad Ripperger, an exorcist. I met him at a Marian conference years ago.  He told us all we were praying WRONG!  Did you know that was even possible?  He said if you ever wondered why your prayers sometimes don’t get answered, it is because we don’t know how to ask in the NAME of JESUS.  Asking in His NAME means invoking the power and merit of his BLOOD, suffering and death on the cross. Also, it means commanding on His behalf.

Later, he also told us how to get a demon to reveal its name so we can effectively bind it.  He recommended  praying an Our Lady of Seven Sorrows NOVENA, because, as Simeon told her in the Gospel of Luke: “And Thy own Soul a sword shall pierce, that out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed.”


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(There’s so much more info on the power of this prayer to defeat the enemy below.  A history of the devotion also follows.)

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Our Lady of Seven Sorrows


Our Lady of Sorrows, or Mater Dolorosa, is the title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary referring to the sufferings she endured as Jesus’ Mother. The feast of Our Lady of Sorrows was first celebrated in 1244 by the seven founders of the Servite Order.  They wanted to focus their devotion and meditation on the Sorrows of Mary.  Therefore, standing under the cross was the principal devotion of their order.

Since the 14th century there are traditionally seven sorrows that have been honored:
The Prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2:25-35)
The Flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15)
The Loss of the Child Jesus for Three Days (Luke 2:41-50)
Jesus meets Mary on the Way to Calvary (John 19:17)
Jesus is cricified and dies as Mary watches (John 19:25-30)
Mary receives the Body of Jesus down from the Cross (John 19:31-37)
Mary watches as Jesus is Laid in the Tomb (John 19:38-42).


The feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, celebrated on September 15th, is dedicated to Mary’s suffering and grief in union with her Son. In her compassion for the sufferings of her Son, she shows the depth of her love as Mother. The image of Our Lady of Sorrows is traditionally shown as dressed in black with seven swords piercing her heart. Each sword depicts a chief sorrow that Mary suffered in union with her Son. The sword piercing Mary’s heart is also seen in the Bible where Simon tells her that she would be pierced by a sword so that the thoughts of many hearts would be laid bare (Lk 2:35).

When we pray this novena, we we call to mind these 7 sorrows that our Blessed Mother endured during her life. We live in a valley of tears, until we reach our heavenly homeland, and so we ask our Lady to intercede for us.  She suffered greatly and can console us in our sufferings, obtaining for us grace from God.

Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope!


Our Lady, under the title of Our Lady of Sorrows, cannot resist assisting in our requests. She is known as the “Patron of Exorcists” and as one, Fr. Chad Ripperger says, “The demons flee before Her Sorrows because they are THAT commanding.”

Also, throughout the course of the nine days of the Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Novena, you should also ask Our Lady to reveal your greatest defect. Fr. Chad says that this request works like clockwork. Then, once revealed, ask Her to help you root it out of your life. This is perhaps the greatest gift you will receive from Her Sorrowful Heart by this novena. He also says the novena should be formal and structured, not ad libbed.


So, there are the two things to include in your intentions for the greatest benefit.  Ask, “reveal my greatest defect” and “any hidden mystery” regarding an area of your life that is not clear.  It may be something not easy to discern or not easy for your intellect to understand without the help of God.  Of course, this can be accomplished because of the wounding of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.  Remember in the Gospel of Luke: “And Thy own Soul a sword shall pierce, that out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed.” If there is something you need to know, that is hidden, one must go to Our Lady specifically under the title of Her Sorrows.  Consequently, through Her own sorrow, she has obtained for us the gift of understanding.


“After praying the nine-day prayer myself, I am quite convinced that there is no other title of Mary, more efficacious and advantageous, that can be invoked by a soul. In fact, when I related to friends and family some of the miraculous occurrences that took place throughout the novena (the first few days), I even had some non-Catholics saying, “I need to pray this novena”. “If you are one of the select few who let the opportunity go by without trying this novena, it is your loss, for you are missing out on a whirlpool of graces” -Sr. Jade Mary

“I prayed this Our Lady of Seven Sorrows novena as Fr. Chad instructed to know the name of the demon affecting my daughter. On the 9th day the demon manifested itself, revealing its name, in a most striking way. I was then able to bind that demon, whose name must be known in order to bind.” – Donna Cori (Fr. Chad has a book with the binding prayers called “Deliverance Prayers for Use by the Laity” available on Amazon.) Hear more from Fr. Chad himself HERE


There is no catch. Our Lady of Sorrows is simply THAT ready to come to the aid of Her beloved children, who invoke Her Sorrows, and ask for Her immediate assistance, guidance, and clarity in matters regarding the spiritual life; even the “mystery” of one’s own calling or religious vocation. ANY REQUEST. But again, this is also one of Her Seven Promises, made to those who are devoted to Her Sorrows: “I will give them as much as they ask for, as long as it does not oppose the will of My Divine Son”.  Pray an Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Novena and ask BIG!!!

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