The Greek Word for “got up” (Mt 9:9) Is the Same Word Used for “rising from the dead.”

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follow meSt. Matthew, when he was called by Jesus to “follow him” literally rose from the death of sin to follow Jesus to new life.  Jewish tax collectors in the time of Jesus were considered to be in the same category as prostitutes.  Yes, that badly.  The WORST of sinners, because they were betraying their own people for financial gain to the “enemy,” the Roman government.  Yet, Jesus called HIM.  Imagine if Jesus had called a prostitute to be one of his disciples.  That puts things in a different light for us, doesn’t it.

We each have our baggage of sin.  ALL sin is equally offensive to God’s majesty and perfection, guilty of death.  Still, Jesus calls each of us to “follow him,” to “get up” and “rise from the dead.”  He wants us to “rise up” from any apathy, fear, sin, and distractions and to follow him wherever He may lead us.  Let it be.

In the same passage only 2 verses later (Mt 9:13) Jesus tells those who are judging his decision to “Go and learn the meaning of the words ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ I did not come to call the righteous but sinners.”  He’s giving an order.  We should probably go do it then.

Keep praying, keep singing.

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