Golden Arrow Catholic Music and Media

Donna's recording label, is an apostolate named after the following prayer:

"May the most Holy, most Sacred, most Adorable, most Incomprehensible and Unutterable Name of God be always praised, blessed, loved, adored, and glorified in Heaven and earth and under the earth by all the creatures of God and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar"

This prayer was dictated by Our Lord Himself to Sister Mary of Saint Peter. Opening His Heart to her, Our Saviour complained of blasphemy, saying that this frightful sin wounds His Divine Heart more grievously than all other sins, for it was like a "poisoned arrow."

After that, Our Saviour dictated this prayer, which He called "The Golden Arrow" saying that those who would recite this prayer would pierce Him delightfully, and also heal those other wounds inflicted on Him by the malice of sinners. After receiving this prayer, Sister Mary of Saint Peter was given a vision in which she saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus delightfully wounded by this "golden arrow", as torrents of graces streamed forth from It for the conversion of sinners.

This prayer is regarded as the ver BASIS of the Work of Reparation. It is recommended for recitation on each of the thirty-three beads of the Holy Face chaplet. This Work of Reparation was approved by Pope Leo XIII in 1885. This prayer also happens to sing beautifully!!

It is the Mission of Golden Arrow Catholic Music and Media to offer this and other sung prayers taught to us by the Church and through Scripture in the spirit of reparation to the Twin Hearts for those who don't love Jesus and neglect Him and Our Holy Mother, to work for the unification of Christians, and to help brothers and sisters in the Lord to "Pray without ceasing" (Thes 5:17).

The picture in the very center of the above collage is of the famous Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano, Italy, which took place in the year 700. A monk who feared he was losing his vocation was celebrating Mass, and during the consecration, the host turned into flesh and the wine turned into blood. Despite the fact that the miracle took place almost 1300 years ago, you may still see the flesh in a monstrance which is exposed every day and the blood in a glass chalice. (The glass chalice is beneath the monstrance on the right.)  The blood has congealed and is now in five clots in the glass chalice. In 1971 and 1981 a hospital laboratory tested the flesh and blood and discovered that the flesh is myocardium, which is heart muscular tissue, so we could say it is the heart of Jesus, the Sacred Heart, and the blood is of the blood group AB positive.  In 1978 NASA scientists tested the blood on the Turin Shroud and interestingly also discovered that it is of the blood group AB positive. (The Sudarium, Face Cloth of Christ, in John 20:6 is also of the blood group AB positive.)  Despite the fact that human flesh and blood should not have remained preserved for 1300 years, the hospital lab tests found no trace of any preservatives. One final interesting point about the five blood clots in the chalice is that when you weigh one of them, it is the same weight as all five together, two of them together weigh the same as all five. In fact no matter what way you combine the blood clots individually or in a group to weigh them, they always weigh the same.  (This shows that the full Jesus is present in even a particle of the host.)
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