Our Catholic Faith- CD
in Scripture, Song and Prayer, 2nd Ed.
Donna's most popular songs with the stories behind them
and the scriptures for why we believe what we believe as
Catholics that she shares in concert.  (Sheet Music available)
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Click on titles below to hear samples
1. You Are Not Alone

2. Talk - St. Augustine

3. Restless (the prayer of St. Augustine)

4. Talk - Saints

5. Canticle of Zechariah (word for word from Luke)

6. Talk - Mary, Queen of Heaven

7. Hail Mary

8. Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue

9. Talk - Jesus' True Presence in the Eucharist

10. Trust In Me

11. Anima Christi

12. Talk - The Mass as Sacrifice and Worship

13. When I Lift Up My Heart

14. I Will Not Refuse the Cross

15. Talk - The Pope and The Keys of St. Peter

16. Thy Will Be Done

17. Talk - Jesus Is Aching for Souls

18. A 3 o'clock Prayer

19. Talk - Purgatory

20. 1000 Souls

21. Because of His Love

Songs and topics include why we believe what we believe about:

- Mary, why we pray to her, ask her intercession, and call her queen and Mother
- Jesus, Truly present in the Eucharist & abiding in our tabernacles
- The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass & our participation in the heavenly worship of Revelation
- The Pope as "father" over God"s people, why he has final authority and we should be obedient to the Church's teachings as unto Christ himself
- Prayer, the Saints, Purgatory and MORE...

Our Catholic Faith is a "best of" Donna Cori Gibson's songs and stories and closely represents what she offers at concerts. It is also a great tool for evangelization:

It is a short and contemporary refresher course for those who have "forgotten" the basics of the faith or for those who never knew why they believe what they believe or what the Church teaches.

Confirm a teenager in their faith. They love music which helps make the teaching memorable and relevant.

Renew a lapsed Catholic's faith, help to get them interested in practicing again.

Heard over and over again the scriptures can be easily memorized (the prayers too!) Memorizing the scriptures will help you to feel more comfortable explaining them to someone else.

We offer quantity discounts because we know you will want to buy many copies to give away - after you've kept one for yourself.

 What others have said:

"Beautiful uplifting songs and meditations. I keep it in my car and listen as I drive around. It helps me be patient with fellow drivers out there!" - Pat E. Darby


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