Parish CD Gift Program

Here is a very exciting and effective idea to evangelize your parish and community.  Perhaps you, your parish and pastor, and maybe a few sponsors would be interested in participating. 

The 2nd edition of my CD Our Catholic Faith is similar to the "Our Catholic Faith Concert" which I offer when I visit parishes.  Most importantly for this idea, it includes many spoken scriptural apologetics for why we believe what we believe as Catholics on some of the Faith's main points:

1. Why we believe Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist
2. Why we pray to Mary and honor her
3. Why we should be obedient to the Holy Father and the teachings of the Church
4. What is really going on during Mass and how to get the most out of it
5. Why we believe in the existence and necessity of Purgatory, and…
6. Why we pray to saints

There are related songs in between to accentuate each point, keep it relevant and interesting, and hopefully get "stuck" in the listener's memory and heart to reinforce what was just learned.  Songs offer comfort, enhance the tradition of our Faith, offer scripture memory, and are just plain fun.

As you know, Christmas Masses (and Easter) see a huge influx of the 70% of Catholics who don't come to Mass regularly, don't know their Faith that well, and might well be on the brink of not coming back at all.  It’s time to do something.  If the Our Catholic Faith CD was distributed at Christmas, it could very well help to convert a soul or make a faithful one more fervent.  Those in your RCIA program would benefit greatly from it as well.

I would like to make it possible for your parish, perhaps with the help of some sponsors if necessary, to give away copies of the Our Catholic Faith - 2nd ed. CD to every person or family that comes through your door this Christmas to help enliven the faith of some who may need encouragement, comfort or a refresher on just what it is they believe.  I can offer the CD to your parish for $2-$4 a copy.  This would be a full copy of the CD in a jewel case like people are used to getting in a store for $16.95 - not in a cardboard sleeve.   These prices apply if you order quantities in increments of 200 only. 

800+ are $2.00 each
600 are $2.25 each
400 are $3.00 each
200 are $4.00 each 
Less than 200, please call for pricing

You would probably want to order enough CDs for 75% of the amount of people/families you usually get for Christmas Masses.  Who wouldn't want to receive a brand new, shrink-wrapped CD for free at Christmas?  Who wouldn't put it right in their CD player just to "check it out"?  How many souls could have their faith enlivened and even be drawn home, back to fervent faith and more frequent reception of the sacraments? 

Let’s just put the spiritual benefits aside for a moment and focus only on the financial benefits. If one person starts coming regularly to Mass again because you gave him a CD on his way out of Church this Christmas which inspires him, then consider these statistics: If that person is 40 years old and lives to be 80, and puts just $10 in the basket each week, that returning Catholic will contribute $520 over the next year… and $20,800 over the rest of his/her lifetime. That’s a $20,800 return on your $2 investment. I have to mention the numbers because it is a concern for many people, and frankly, they are curious.

If you agree that this CD would be helpful to the faith of many of the lukewarm that may come through your doors this Christmas, then please let me know so I will know how many copies to have replicated for your parish. You could call me at 406-754-3204 and I could answer any further questions.  You could send payment for the CDs anytime between now and October 31st at the very latest.  They would ship to you by Dec. 15th.

Just call, write or email me to make the arrangements for delivery:

Golden Arrow Catholic Music and Media, PO Box 828, Snohomish, WA 98291

A few testimonies…

"… I received Our Catholic Faith today.  LOVE IT! Thank you, Donna. I have been struggling with a few issues and I received answers to 2 as early as track 2 & 9. I could just keep the CD repeating.  Never getting tired of it and most likely learning something new each time." - V. Lamparski

“I am raising my granddaughters ages 6 and 13. Most of all I feel my job is to bring them to God.  We play your CD's in our car at all times. They love them just as I do. They sing along with you and I hear them sing the songs as they leave the cars. Yes they are catchy tunes. Thanks for helping me bring my grandchildren closer to God.” – S. Kehrer

“I have been listening to your music for a few months now.  I had to write to say thank you for bringing me closer to Jesus, Mary and God.  Words cannot explain how I feel when I pray or sing with you.  I am finally understanding how to pray and what to pray for!  I am also trying to teach my three young children about our Catholic Faith and your music has helped me immensely with that task! – J. Furniss, Bristol, CT