The Way of the Cross- CD
- a song for each station

Transports you directly to the heart of Jesus. An
intimate and emotional walk with him to his death on a
cross. Words are taken from scripture and inspired by
St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. Jose Maria Escriva, Mother
Angelica and other approved sources.  (Sheet Music available)
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1. Behold the Man (Jesus is Condemned to Death)

2. Follow Me (Jesus takes Up His Cross)

3. He Thought Of Me (Jesus Falls the First Time)

4. She Was There (Jesus Meets His Mother)

5. I Will Not Refuse the Cross (Simon helps Jesus Carry His Cross)

6. You Are Beautiful (Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus)

7. Still I Fall (Jesus Falls a Second Time)

8. As Christ Passes By (Jesus Consoles the Holy Women)

9. Because of His Love (Jesus Falls the Third Time)

10. Only Love For You (Jesus is Stripped of His Garments)

11. Here Is His Love (Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross)

12. What Kind of Man Is This? (Jesus Dies on the Cross)

13. In Mary's Arms (Jesus' Body Is Taken Down from the Cross)

14. Loved So Little (Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb)

Meditating on our Lord's passion is a practice not limited to a particular season. Since Jesus was made perfect through what he suffered (Heb. 2:13, Heb. 5:8) we learn by this example, how to become "other Christs" and true Christians through suffering, the greatest gift on earth we could have. As we share in Christ's passion, so will we also share in his resurrection/glory (Phil 3:10). 

Listener comments:

"Hey Donna! The CD is absolutely AWESOME! It's all I listen to and it brings me to tears many times. You have captured what Our Jesus did for us. Thank you so much and thanks to Our Heavenly Papa for giving you this talent of song. God Bless you!" M. Carlow

"This CD is so awesome and truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Donna has been so blessed and I am so blessed to hear and pray her CDs!" E. Zegarelli, NY

"Your Stations of the Cross is one of the most beautiful meditations on the stations I have ever heard. I listened to it yesterday in my car, and was so filled with sorrow and joy at the same time, I cried through most of it. Very beautiful. I will use this as a meditation on the Passion of Jesus. Thank you for sharing your talent in such a blessed way."  Margaret Hollenzer