Our Lady's Musical Rosary- 4 CD set
Rosary CD: The rosary in song, for our Blessed Mother, including the Luminous Mysteries. By popular demand, Donna introduces her beautiful sung Rosary, on an incredible 4 CD set of the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries. The 4 CD set Includes all 20 decades BEAUTIFULLY sung with spoken meditations. The melodies are very easy to learn and you can be singing before the end of the first decade! The set counts as one item at checkout. Click here for how to pray the rosary.  (Sheet music available)

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Click on titles below to hear samples
1. From CD 1: The Joyful Mysteries (sample)  

2. From CD 2: The Luminous Mysteries (sample)  

3. From CD 3: The Sorrowful Mysteries (sample)  

4. From CD 4: The Glorious Mysteries (sample)  

What others have said:

"I adore the way Donna Cori Gibson brings out the spirituality of the traditional rosary prayers with her music. Her voice is uniquely suited for singing spiritual music. Her music moves me to tears of joy when I hear it." - maestra (via Amazon)

"I listen whenever I have a long drive and it is just so peaceful and uplifting!" - Margaret Blum

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