Keeping a Mary Spirit Throughout a Martha Day Women’s Retreat

Mary Spirit Martha Day

Keeping a Mary Spirit Throughout a Martha Day – 5 CD set

You will enjoy and glean a lot from this Catholic women’s retreat on prayer in the Carmelite tradition led by Donna Cori Gibson, third order Carmelite.  This 3-day retreat was recorded live at the Palisades Retreat Center in Federal Way, WA for over 75 women.  The information shared is a result of 20 years as a Third Order Carmelite and will help to explode your prayer life.  Words of wisdom, direction and encouragement are taken directly from the masters of prayer, St. Theresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross.  Scripture, stories, and personal testimony are also shared throughout.   Learn to fall in love with prayer again to grow closer to Jesus.

The topics covered on the 5 discs are:

1: Desire, Rule of Life, Attachments, Goal of Love, Ora Et Labora, Morning Offering

2: Bonus – A Vision of Heaven

3: Method, Purity of Intention, Meditation, Liturgy of the Hours, Resolutions, Perseverance, Examination of Conscience

4: Neglect of Prayer, Mass, Suffering, Temptations, Spiritual Warfare, Trust, Mary and the Rosary

5: Personal Testimony, Q and A, Donna’s Own Vocal Tips,Tricks, Warm-Ups and Exercises, Summary, Desiring Holiness

To listen to samples go HERE.

What others have said about the “Keeping a Mary Spirit Throughout a Martha Day” retreat:

“Thank you for a very special prayer filled weekend…Future retreats will have a difficult time exceeding the spiritual growth, peace and comfort I obtained from attending.  For years your music has inspired me, helped me grow in my faith, enhanced my prayer life, and sustained me in times of trial…I had so much to take away from the talks and have found myself naturally adding some of the bigger ‘aha’ moments to my daily routines and prayer.  Also, I have added one of your recommended books to my prayer time and expect to always be working on my rule of life.  I am primarily thankful that the many gifts of that weekend will continue to enrich and bless my days and  I know they always will.” – Lisa Dennison

“I very much enjoyed the retreat.  Your presentation helped strengthen my prayer life as I’m making my time for prayer a priority…and your music was lovely.” – Kathy Medford

“I have established a practice of prayer in my daily routine but it was encouraging to hear you recommend many of the practices I have already adopted.  It confirmed I was on a good path.  The CDs will only enhance those practices and make them more meaningful.  I look forward to sharing them with my adult children.” – Betsy Staal, Pastoral Assistant, Holy Family Parish

“It Was the Best Retreat Ever!”

“I really enjoyed Donna’s Women’s Retreat.  Donna is wonderful.  Not only is she a nice person, but she is so talented.  I learned so much from her… and bought all of her CDs.” – Kathleen Martin

“I enjoyed the retreat VERY much… loved, loved, loved your presentation.  It was truly an awesome weekend!” – Sue Fore

“…a wonderful weekend…I feel like I’ve been to boot camp – and I’m so grateful!  God really used you to se me on fire this weekend.  I can’t wait to get the recordings and be reminded of everything you covered.  It was the best retreat ever!” – Ann Pool

“Thank you again, Donna, for your talks this weekend.  You have given me the tools to get back to prayer! …and I enjoyed listening to your singing!” – Jackie Dunbar, Archdioces of Seattle