There's not much in the way of Catholic music heard on a radio.  Catholic stations favor the spoken word.  There are NO Catholic record labels, only independent artists like me recording thier own songs for the Lord.  If you like what I do and feel moved to help me continue in this apostolate, please consider being a valuable part of this musical evangelization and support me in this work for Our Lord and Lady.  “I can not do what you do and you can not do what I do, but together we can do something beautiful for Christ.” – Mother Theresa                 Thank you!
Qty    $10.00

Thanks, every little bit helps!  You are in my prayers.

Qty    $50.00

Thank you for keeping me between the gas and electric.  You are in my prayers.

Qty    $100.00

As a thank you, I'd like to send you a DVD copy of all the Stations of the Cross videos (14) from my YouTube channel, but you have to specify in the comments box at check out that you want one.  You are in my prayers.

Qty    $500.00

You really appreciate good Catholic music and want to keep it coming.   You are in my prayers.

Arch Angel
Qty    $1,000.00

You are a co-producer with me and will help to make any future  album possible.   If you have any ideas as to what song/prayers you'd like me to record, please let me know.  You are in my prayers.

Qty    $5,000.00

You are like the royalty of old, who would commission composers to produce music for their court (the way it was done before radio), only your “court” is for the King Of Kings’.  As a co-producer, you get to request some songs or a whole CD theme  that you would like me to record (public domain or traditional only) and dedicate it with your name and dedication mentioned in the liner notes of the CD.   You are in my prayers.