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Donna's Story


Don't try to get all your prayers in. Get into your prayers!

Sing them and pray twice!

Contemporary Catholic Music Meets Traditional Catholic Prayers.

Memorize scripture... singing it to a catchy melody.

Get a song/prayer "stuck in your head"...
...and pray all day, effecting all eternity.

Relearn old, familiar and popular prayers of the Church...
...with music both you AND your kids will like. Pray like the great saints have prayed.

Learn from their experiences and journey toward the Lord. Discover the movements of their hearts and how they thought of God by hearing and singing and "entering into" their prayers word-for-word...


...and grow in holiness and closeness to God with your new habit.

I'm Donna Cori, a singer and songwriter with a big voice that's often been compared to Celine Dion. I've been in Catholic music ministry giving concerts for 20 years, and have 9 CDs of sung Catholic prayers set to contemporary music to help you get an edifying song stuck in your head so you can "pray without ceasing." I sing prayers that are word for word from scripture, popular saints, and from Catholic Church history. I also have a Sung Divine Mercy Chaplet, sung Stations of the Cross, and a Sung Rosary. I'd like to give you a sample of my music...

Get 2 FREE song downloads...

  1. Great Things - This is the Magnificat of Our Lady word for word from Luke 1:46-55. It's upbeat, catchy and will help you memorize scripture. You'll be singing along at the end after the very first listen.
  2. Anima Christi - A little change of pace, enjoy the live string quartet and captivating vocal delivery of the sung prayer, "Anima Christi". This well-loved version of the famous prayer by St. Ignatius is traditionally prayed after receiving communion and is currently being sung in many Catholic churches around the country by congregations and various music ministries.Also available: A sung Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet with a new original music arrangement (regulary played on Catholic Radio Stations coast to coast), The Way of the Cross (14 stations set to music with video), and prayers by Sts. Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisouix, Francis of Assisi, St. Augustine, and so much more..

Please download and see for yourself why others say:

"POWERFUL, POWERFUL! Beautifully done..." - D.M. Porter

" 'Blown away' does not do justice...Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - S.A.Devine

"I thought your work was wonderful before; it is fantastic now. But more than that it sometimes brings me to tears to hear you and see the video work. All I can do is thank you and the Lord for giving you such incredible talent and devotion." - Dr. J. C. Tausta, Oneonta, NY

"I don't know of one of (Donna's) songs that I don't like. Her music really touches me and to hear her sing just makes me want to worship the Lord." - Jeff Cavins, EWTN's "Life on the Rock"

"Anyone who listens to her inspiring music can tell that it all comes from her loving heart for our Lord. Her music is a great inspiration to me as I plan and contemplate on my homilies. I find the Spirit of God present in her music ministry ."
Deacon Larry Jesmer - St. Hubert parish, Langley, WA

"Her music is a conductor that God uses to touch my soul". - C. Neisen

" Her music is divinely inspired and I'm in awe and so moved by her love for the Lord, there are no words to sufficiently tell you." - Donna M.H. via e-mail

Get 2 Free Song Downloads and a Coupon for a Free CD Now