Donna Cori

Time Traveling Christians?

You heard me right. There is even an example of it in Scripture. I’ve missed it all these years. Perhaps you have too. Let me share it with you from John 6:21 “They wanted to take Him (Jesus) into the boat, but suddenly it came aground on the shore they had been approaching. ” These were seasoned fishermen that knew that particular lake very well and how long it would take to get to where they were going. Why ask Jesus to get into the boat if there were already at the shore? Fr. Lauer offers this for meditation…

Jesus is the Lord of time. He can make time go backward (Is 38:8) or stand still (Jos 10:13). He made it possible for His disciples to go a few miles across the Sea of Galilee literally “in no time” (Jn 6:21). I like to call it “time travel. “

Jesus even gives us the power to move up the clock. Though not “”time traveling,”” we are able to make things happen “”faster.”” For instance, the Blessed Virgin Mary seems to have moved up the beginning of Jesus” public ministry (Jn 2:4). The Syro-Phoenician woman seems to have “”fast forwarded”” Jesus ministry to the Gentiles (see Mt 15:14, 28). Jesus even lets us hasten the time for His final coming (see 2 Pt 3:12). **We are not helpless cogs on the wheel of time, but, as Christians, we share in Jesus” lordship over time.** Wow! What a realization! Prayer is POWERFUL!

The Lord created time by creating the heavenly bodies (Gn 1:14). Satan used time to dominate us when be brought death into the world through our sins. Jesus freed us from the bondage of time and death by His death and Resurrection. He gave us power over time by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Jesus will finally end time when He comes back on the last day, at the end of time, to take us with Him to the happiness of eternity. Because of Jesus” Resurrection, time is our servant, not our master. Praise Jesus, the Lord of time!

Jesus, may I give You my time and let You be Lord of it.

This summer, don’t let time get the better of you anddon’t waste it. Make and keep a summer schedule for yourself with time for prayer as a priority. St. Therese reminds us in her poem ““Only Today” (which I put to Music and sing HERE.

“My life is an instant,
a fleeting hour.
My life is a moment,
which swiftly escapes me.
O my God, you know that
on earth I have only today
to love you.”
-St. Thérèse of Lisieux