Something We Don’t Usually Think About

What do think about his scripture? Jesus says to the Pharisees in Lk 11:41 “If you give what you have as alms, all will be wiped clean for you.” Is it really that easy?

The archangel Raphael told Tobit and Tobiah that “It is better to give alms than to store up gold; for almsgiving saves one from death and expiates every sin.” Tobit 12;8-9 Do you find this to be totally cool or a “strange teaching,” since it is faith in Jesus and his death on the cross which saves? YET… Jesus Himself recommends it. Why?

Consider, for Tobit and the Pharisees, almsgiving was NOT to be done in place of faith, BUT AS AN ACT OF FAITH. Remember, the Pharisees “were avaricious men” (Lk 16:14). How do YOU feel about and deal with money? Are you even SLIGHTLY avaricious?

The Pharisees laughed at Jesus when He taught we should be very generous in giving our money to the needy. For the Pharisees to give alms extensively, and in the right spirit, would take a great act of faith. How great is YOUR faith? But… maybe you are NOT like the Pharisees…

Tobit, on the other hand, was not as avaricious as the Pharisees, however he WAS money-conscious, just like we are (well, at least I know I am…) We are told in Tb 1:13 that before going blind, he had been a purchasing agent for the government. He was depressed because he had to depend on his wife’s salary for his livelihood (Tb 2:10-11) and he had a large “savings account” in Media (Tb 4:1). Even for him, giving alms was a great act of faith by which they could receive expiation for all his sins.

Take a leap of faith, give generously to the poor, hungry and needy. (I’m not referring to your grandchildren, who on the surface, also meet that description… 😉 wink, smile)